Karen Hillen – Director + Your Virtual HR Manager

Tapping into more than 25 years’ experience in Human Resources, staffing and payroll, Karen loves helping you get the best out of your people while providing you, the business owner, with peace of mind.

Karen partners with you to assist in proactively managing your people, providing the tools you need to enhance productivity and maximise profit. With her friendly, approachable and professional manner, she ensures you feel comfortable and confident in her services. Just knowing you can speak with Karen and receive the right advice, eliminates the concern of HR issues – providing welcome reassurance for busy business owners.

By working with Karen, you’ll have the right HR contracts and policies in place, your business is compliant with employment law and you’ll know you’re paying the correct rates of pay to your staff. She is skilled at analysing complex HR issues, able to quickly adapt to a variety of situations and offer a choice of viable, practical solutions.

Karen is a Certified HR Coach with a Diploma in Human Resource Management, Graduate Diploma in Public Administration, Graduate Certificate in Public Sector Management, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and Certificate IV in WHS. She also is a member of the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI) and the NSW Industrial Relations Society.

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About My HR Partner

As your on-demand HR Manager, we deliver competitively priced, reliable and practical HR solutions for professional service business owners and teams across Australia. By tapping into our comprehensive industry experience, we actively support you with expert HR advice and assistance, whenever you need it, while ensuring you are compliant with current employment law.

You speak directly with one of our HR experts, not a call centre or phone advisory service. we provide tailored, personalised service and advice, and vitally, we deliver consistent information throughout our relationship with your business. We’re proactive in offering a range of potential options and solutions, so you never have to worry about an HR problem while you’re working with us.

Most business owners and managers don’t have the time, knowledge or skills to manage HR themselves. Our role is to help you eliminate the worry of dealing with HR issues, wasting hours of valuable time waiting on the phone for Fair Work or trying to determine whether you’re doing the right thing by your employees.

We provide a higher level of support and advice than many similar services. While we happily answer questions, providing advice and guidance quickly and efficiently, we also offer for your employees to speak with us directly, once authorised by you. This can help resolve staff concerns before they even become an issue.

Engaging our service is like having an HR manager on staff, at around 10% of the cost of employing one. Consider us to be an insurance policy for your HR requirements, with great return on investment.

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